One of the most marked successes achieved within the past decade by the younger business men of Rocky Mount is that of Mr. Zebulon B. Bulluck, the subject of this story.  Mr. Bulluck entered the meat market business in this city just six years ago, in the summer of 1905.  From a small beginning, he has grown until today he numbers his patrons by the hundreds among the most select circles of the city.  This has been achieved principally by means of Mr. Bulluck’s unusually good business ability reinforced by the facts that he is ever careful to treat every customer with the utmost consideration, and makes it a point to always handle the best and freshest meats on the market.  The much sought after native meat is a specialty of his.  He is also at this time a large buyer of hides and furs, and on account of the present large volume of business, carries several competent and courteous assistants.

Mr. Bullock’s financial success has kept pace with the growth of his meat business.  Within the past few years, he has been a considerable buyer of the best class of Rocky Mount real estate and today his holdings would doubtless reach upwards of Twenty Thousand Dollars.  He is also a valued and influential stockholder in the First National Bank of Rocky Mount, the only national bank in the city.

Mr. Bulluck comes of sturdy and prominent Edgecombe county stock.  He was born in Edgecombe a few miles from Rocky Mount, April 9, 1884, and is therefore now only 27 years old which makes his large financial success all the more notable and surprising to have achieved so much at so early an age.  Mr. Bulluck was married some years ago to Miss Foy Williams, an attractive and gifted lady whose home was at Maxton, N. C.  Mr. and Mrs. Bulluck have a modern and beautiful residence at 230 Rose Street in one of the best residential sections of the city, where they dispense hospitality to their large and increasing circle of friends.

In the business world of Rocky Mount and this part of the state, Mr. Bulluck, on account of the possesses and his marked business and financial success, has attained quite an enviable standing, and it is not too much to say that no man in Rocky Mount has a brighter future both in a business way, and in the way of being a useful citizen and contributing to the onward march of Rocky Mount.

The telephone numbers of Mr. Bulluck’s business place which is in the City Hall, are 51 and 395.

Transcription from the book, Rocky Mount: The Gateway of Eastern North Carolina, published in 1911, pages 207-208, found on the website, Hathitrust Digital Library (http://www.hathitrust.org), accessed 14 February 2021.

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