Newsom J. Pittman, Tarboro, N. C., descended from English immigrants to Virginia in 1750, son of John and Catherine (Jones) Pittman, was born in Halifax county, North Carolina, August 9, 1818.  Having received an English and classical education, he entered the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania; was graduated from thence M. D. in 1839, and in May of that year began the practice of his profession at Rocky Mount, N. C.  In 1849 he visited Europe, and was for three years a student in the leading English and continental medical schools and hospitals.  Since July, 1853, he has been established at Tarboro, engaging in a general practice, but giving especial attention to gynaecology [sic] and surgery.  Of his more important operations may be mentioned five cases of lithotomy and one of lithotrity – all successful.  He was a member of the Edgecombe County Medical Society, President in 1857; of the North Carolina State Medical Society, President in 1858; re-elected in 1859; of the American Medical Society of Paris, President in 1852; and of the American Medical Association, First Vice-President in 1877; he was elected corresponding member of the Medical Society of the State of Tennessee in 1861, and for six years was chairman of the State Medical Board of Examiners for North Carolina, being elected such in 1866.  His professional publications have been confined to reports of cases published in the Transactions of the North Carolina State Medical Society.  In 1862-’63 he served as a surgeon in the Confederate States army.  He was twice married: (1) April 28th, 1858, to Mary A. Pittman, daughter of Reddin Pittman, Esq., of Edgecombe county, N. C.; and (2) April 21st, 1867, to Mary Eliza, daughter of James S. Battle, Esq., of Cold Spring, Edgecombe county, N. C.

Extract from the book, North Carolina Medical Journal, volumes XXXI and XXXII, edited by Robert A. Jewett, M.D. and J. Allison Hodges, M.D., published in 1893, pages 58-59, found on the website, Hathitrust Digital Archive (, accessed 21 February 2021.  Image from the book, Cyclopedia of Eminent and Representative Men of the Carolinas of the Nineteenth Century, written by Edward McCrady and Samuel A. Ashe, published in 1892, page 283, found on the website, Internet Archive (, accessed 21 February 2021.

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