West and south, and beyond the belt formed by the Atlantic Coast tracks in that part of Tarboro, are located the mills and factories, where scores of hands find ready employment the year round.  Cotton mills, cotton-seed oil mills, hosiery mills, guano factories, a peanut cleaner and assorting mill, and east of the town, beyond Tar River, a lumber mill.  All these mills and factories are operated with local capital and the fact that they are all running full blast speaks with all due eloquence to their success.  Within the town itself has flourished another enterprise which does much credit to the town.  Two carriage and buggy factories are being successfully operated in Tarboro.  The concerns summing up the weekly pay-roll in Tarboro are: The Tarboro Cotton Factory, Fountain Cotton Mill, Runnymede Hosiery Mills, Columbian Peanut Factory, The Lumber Mill, The Enterprise Carriage Factory, The M. L. Hussey Buggy Co., N. B. Josey Guano Factory and Roysters’ Guano Factory.  Naturally, a community that has the benefit of such a pay-roll as is weekly given out in these factories and mill, is bound to expand and look for larger fields.

Transcription from the book, Tarboro and Edgecombe County, N. C., published in 1913, pages 30-32, found on the website, Hathitrust Digital Library  (, accessed 17 February 2021.


Planters Cotton Seed Oil Company

This plant was organized in 1904, the stock being taken entirely by persons engaged in farming, and its organization has caused immense benefit both to its stockholders and farmers generally in this section by paying high prices for the raw product, thereby creating the strongest kind of competition and extending every possible facility for the manufacture of the farmers’ cotton seed and furnishing them fine facilities for ginning.  The plant is located at Hargrove’s Siding, in Edgecombe County, on the main line of the Norfolk & Carolina branch of the Coast Line.  The site contains about 7 acres of very valuable land fronting towards the railroad and running to South Rocky Mount, and it is an excellent site for other manufacturing enterprises.  The plant is equipped throughout with the most modern machinery and gets all out of the raw product that is to be gotten.  It manufactures a high grade meal for feeding purposes and for fertilizers.  The company owns and operates a fertilizer factory in connection with the oil mill business.

For the two years of operation this mill has ginned over 4,000 bales of cotton.

Mr. E. L. Daughtridge is president and treasurer of the company and the plant is under his direct management.  He has done well with it even in the face of the strongest possible competition and the plant, like practically all the manufacturing industries of Rocky Mount, has a bright future before it.

Transcription from the book, Industrial Edition of the Rocky Mount Record, published in 1906, page 47, found on the website, Internet Archive  (, accessed 22 March 2021.

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