WILSON, Lewis Dicken, soldier, was born in Edgecombe county, N. C., May 12, 1789.  He received a common-school education, and went into business.  In 1815 he was chosen to represent the county of Edgecombe in the assembly, and continued to do this without interruption until 1832.  He was again a member of that body (1838-46).  In 1835 he was a member of the constitutional convention, and in 1842 was speaker of the senate.  He was also a presidential elector in 1828 and 1836.  Early in 1847 he went to Mexico as captain of a company of troops raised by himself in Edgecombe.  He was appointed by the president, colonel of the 12th regiment of infantry in the army of the United States, and while fitting out an expedition from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico was seized with fever, and died there, Aug. 12, 1847.  The county and town of Wilson, N. C., are named in his honor.  After the war was over, his remains were brought back to North Carolina and reinterred in the courthouse green at Tarboro, where a monument has since been erected to his memory.

Transcription from the book, The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, volume VII, published in 1897, pages 338-339, found on the website, Hathitrust Digital Library (http://www.hathitrust.org), accessed 13 February 2021.  

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