Orren Williams & Company

Insurance, for its successful prosecution, calls for men of eminent and unqualified ability.  The line is well represented in Tarboro’ by the above house, the senior member of which has been in it here since the war, conducting his affairs alone till joined by his son on the 1st of January last.  They represent $100,000,000 in capital, the cream of the fire insurance organizations of the world, the Commercial Union of London, Phoenix of London, N. B. and M., Royal, Phoenix of Hartford, Fire Association of Philadelphia, Rochester German, Virginia Fire and Marine, Virginia Home, Georgia Home, Pamlico Insurance and Banking Company of Tarboro’, and the North Carolina Home.  He insures to any amount and does an extensive business over Eastern North Carolina, last year receiving over $20,000 in premiums.  In life he has represented the famous Equitable of New York, the best in existence for now eighteen years.  Mr. Williams is thoroughly conversant with the methods and various manners of insuring, and parties cannot do better than place their risks in his hands.

Extract from the book, Historical and Descriptive Review of North Carolina, published in 1885, pages 185-186. found on the website, Internet Archive ( accessed 19 January 2021.   

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