GEORGE HOWARD has been an important figure in industrial and business affairs at Tarboro and elsewhere for upwards of thirty years.

He was one of the organizers of the Runnymede Mills, Nos. 1 and 2 at Tarboro and No. 3 at Wilson, and has been president of the business since organization.  He is also vice president of the Edgecombe Homestead and Loan Association, president of the Tarboro Ginning Company, treasurer of the Edgecombe County Fair Association, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tarboro Public Schools, a member of the exemption board and has also carried on a large business as a builder and contractor and as a dealer in builders supplies.

Mr. Howard was born May 13, 1866, son of George and Anna (Stamps) Howard.  His father was a prominent and successful attorney of North Carolina.  George Howard was educated in the Bingham Military School and in 1885 graduated from the University of North Carolina.  He was first associated with his father in the hardware business, before he entered the larger field of industrial enterprise where his name is now one of the most conspicuous in the state.  Mr. Howard is a Knight Templar Mason, and is an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Tarboro.

April 19, 1892, he married Miss Elizabeth Rawls of Tarboro, daughter of E. W. and Mary ((Chamberlain) Rawls.  Her father was a merchant.  Mr. and Mrs. Howard have five children: George; Elizabeth Stamps, now Mrs. B. R. Howell, of Fayetteville, North Carolina; Rawls; Mary Chamberlain; and Robert.

Transcription from the book, North Carolina, the Old North State and the New, volume V, published in 1941, page 317, found on the website, Hathitrust Digital Library (, accessed 15 June  2021. 

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